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THE Counsels for the Defense of Liberties (CODAL) has branded Executive Order 464, which prohibits senior executive and military officials from appearing before Congress without the president’s permission, as unconstitutional and illegal. Neri Javier Colmenares, CODAL also said EO 464 and the Arroyo administration’s "calibrated preemptive response" on rallies constitute attacks against civil liberties and the Constitution.

The group said it will challenge the executive order before the Supreme Court.

The exception is when ‘the security of the state’ or "public interest" so requires, in which case, the President may demand that the appearance be conducted in executive session—but not absolutely prohibit the appearance. December 9, 1998] provides: " Under Republic Act No. Remember a lot of the Justices in SC are Gloria appointed.

IF EO 464 is indeed declared unconstitutional, say, by the SC, will that invalidate the 2 military officers’ “defiance of a Malacanan directive”? Kaya nga ba hindi ako kumporme doon sa mga nagsasabi na hindi importante ang correct grammar sa debate o diskusyon.Not only is EO 464 unconstitutional, it is based on bad grammar! Maybe it was designed that way para may leeway naman sa interpretation.At the end, the opinion of those who are in power will prevail. At any rate, Bernas and the IBP prexy had also declared the unconstitutionality of EO 464.Kasi kung malinis ang kunsinsya nya, hahayaan nyang ilatag lahat ng isyu at wala syang pipigilan anumang imbestigasyon o pagsusuri sa tunay nyang pagkatao, yan po ang matuwid na gawain ng malinis, matuwid, at kagalang-galang na tao.Sana matauhan na si Ginang Arroyo bago MAGISING ANG MAHIMBING NA NATUTULOG NA SAMBAYANANG PILIPINO!!! Nagtataka siya bakit daw bawal mag-testigo ang tao na naka-witness ng Krimen or malaswang gawain. 464 does not prohibit an executive officer or member of the armed forces from appearing or testifying before Congress; but, in the words of Justice Secretary Gonzalez, these officers are required under the E. to secure a “clearance” or seek permission from the President So, who are these named officers the Executive requires to secure clearance or permission?

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