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How long this "growth spurt" lasts and how tall you'll be at the end of it depends on a lot of things — but mostly it has to do with how tall the other people in your family are. Sometime after that, your penis gets bigger, too, and pubic hair grows on your scrotum and above your penis. It may crack occasionally along the way, but that will pass. The hair on your body will probably get thicker, too.Some guys develop swelling underneath their nipples when they're going through puberty, which can look like the start of breasts, but it's probably temporary.For example, a girl's breasts may start to grow, but she may not get her period until years later.

Puberty doesn't happen all at once — it happens in stages.

From a coming of age portrait of two young women at a border-town in Texas in LAS MARTHAS, to the pressure on girls to be sexy and stylish in GIRL POWER and those who resist in TOMBOY, and to an inspirational look at girls experiences around the world in I AM A GIRL, this collection looks at what it means to be a young woman in todays world.

Sarah, a French college student runs a pro-Ana blog, part of a global online community of young women sharing tips on living with anorexia.

It's a good idea to share your feelings with someone you trust, especially if you feel very sad or frustrated.

Everyone goes through puberty, so talk with an adult, like a parent, who can help you sort out your feelings.

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