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The normal electrocardiogram consists of a repetitive series of P, Q, R, S, and T waves which conform to established standards for size and shape and occur 60 to 100 times per minute.The term arrhythmia is used to describe any abnormality in the heartbeat, including disturbances in rate, rhythm, or conduction.P wave: Normal P wave precedes each QRS complex, but the P wave associated with the premature beat may have a different configuration since it occurs outside the SA node.It doesn’t follow the normal atrial conduction pathways and may be hidden completely.If treatment is necessary to increase heart rate, atropine is the drug of choice.Interpretation: The impulse originates in the SA node and follows normal conduction pathways.

No medical treatment is necessary unless the rate is extremely slow and the patient becomes symptomatic (e.g., dizziness, hypotension, fainting).On the basis of heart rate, arrhythmias can be divided into three categories: • Bradycardia: less than 60 beats per minute • Normal rate: between 60 and 100 beats per minute • Tachycardia: more than 100 beats per minute Since several types of arrhythmias are characterized only by rate changes, these calculations are extremely important. When R waves occur at regular intervals (with a variance of less than 0.16 second per beat) the ventricular rhythm is regular.The ventricular rhythm is said to be irregular when there are differences in the duration of successive RR intervals.Furthermore, the etiology of the abnormalities will be presented.A firm understanding of ECG interpretation will enhance your ability to monitor a stress ECG study, identify arrhythmias prior to a radionuclide ventricular function study, and perform any nuclear cardiology procedure in the acute care or outpatient setting.

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