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Click on the Update link and you will be brought to a page showing you the available updates for your Windows apps.If there are any you do not wish to update, right click on the them so that they are no longer checked.When you are ready with your selection, click on the Install button to start updating the apps.

This is tricky stuff, slow and not really thread safe.” “For notifications, messages and friend requests regular REST calls are done, returning XML data.

After the latest update a few days ago, the People App stopped syncing with Facebook notifications properly.

It often tells me when there are new notifications, but when I display the notifications, the newest is about a day old even though I've had MANY notifications since then.

When you check too fast what new notifications are awaiting you, you don’t get the new information.” I recommend reading de Kok’s entire analysis because he explains in further detail how all these moving parts are working together in a less than optimal way, illustrating the exact behaviors I’ve seen in the Facebook mobile app.

I think it’s great that Facebook is adding new features and improvements on a regular basis and I understand that by using Web technologies, it can make these changes on the server side; you don’t have to update your Facebook app as a result.

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