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” Talking about her forthcoming adventure, Brightman is full of self-belief.

“It’s been extremely inspiring and sort of a relief for me as well to be able to do something like this,” she says.

Conditions have been described as like “three men crammed into the front of a Mini with their knees up”.

She offered to lose weight for the trip, but the Russians told her not to; the Soyuz was built for men, “so if you’re a heavier female it’s completely fine”.

When the former Hot Gossip dancer relaunched herself as a classical singer, many howled at her temerity, disregarding her four-octave range and training at the prestigious Juilliard School.

When she vanished to the US, after she and Lloyd Webber divorced in 1991, they cried good riddance.

Even on the brain scans you’re coming out perfect.’” The next step was training at Star City in Russia, the space centre on the outskirts of Moscow that has prepared every Russian cosmonaut since Yuri Gagarin.

Her 10-day journey will take her 3.8million miles and 160 times around the Earth.

As Brightman laughingly acknowledges, she’s come full circle from when she first shimmied into our lives in 1978 in a spangly spacesuit singing I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper on Top of the Pops.

As an eight year-old, growing up in Hertfordshire, Sarah Brightman was transfixed by the moon landings.

“It gave me an incredible understanding of what human beings were capable of,” she says in her pukka tones, unnervingly similar to those of her ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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