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A little gay kid in a small town is more important than whether I want a label.”Since joining the cast of , Ford has had plenty of opportunities to meet those small town gay kids.

Last summer, while she was shooting a public service announcement for the Point Foundation (an organization that grants scholarships to LGBT students), Ford asked reporter JD Disalvatore why the charming, intelligent Point Scholars she’d met that day had been kicked out of their homes.

It was really misleading and full of misquotes to sell the magazine.

If someone’s buying it to see that I came out, well, get your money back." Clementine Ford Clarifies and Come Back out in The Advocate: Later in an interview with The Advocate, Ford clarified that she was angry at how Diva magazine manipulated her words and she wasn't going back in the closet.

Ford is the daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd and nightclub entertainer David Ford.

"Clementine Ford Relationships: Ford was married to Chad Todhunter between 20.This is how she phrased it, "There are people who get it, and get what my original meaning was.; it should just be these people are gay and it’s part of life.At around the same time Cybill became a grandmother, Bruce became a dad of his fifth daughter 'I have a friend whose baby was born the day before Elijah,' she writes. But the operation left such a disfiguring scar that once her back healed; she had to undergo plastic surgery to revise the scar.'She is back at regular life with a vengeance, working, running classes and groups, while doing all things baby. The source says Cybill, most famous for her role as Maddie Hayes on Moonlighting opposite Bruce Willis, has been concentrating on living a healthy lifestyle since 2002, when she was first diagnosed with cancer.'Cybill had a growth removed from her back that turned out to be Melanoma,' says the source. 'Everyone knows Melanoma can be deadly,' adds the source.

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