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There are many reasons why you might disagree with a parent’s decision to begin dating after his or her spouse has passed away - and they’re all legitimate emotions.

Maybe you worry that your mother hasn’t fully grieved the death of her husband, or you feel betrayed that your father has started looking for a new partner.

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I’m concerned that she’ll jump into another marriage and her second husband will take advantage of her financially.” Others are even more blunt. “My brother and I had been there for my father our whole lives. I didn’t want her to replace us in his will.” These are all valid concerns, but should you voice them to your surviving parent? Your mother or father likely knows that this can be a thorny issue and may initiate a conversation about it.At the time, I felt like it was disrespectful to my father’s memory, and to me and my siblings.” It’s also natural to feel protective of your widowed parent.“My father was crushed when my mother passed away,” said Mark.When my mother’s long-term boyfriend passed away, I was worried that she might be wary of taking another chance on romance.So when I learned that she’d rekindled an old flame and had fallen in love again, I felt relieved.

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