What problems are encountered in dating metamorphic rocks

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We examine the use of scientific hypothesis testing and implications for understanding Earth materials and natural hazards. pseudo-science, current controversies, and how natural (as well as some human-induced) hazards affect us.This Scientific Literacy and Inquiry lab course aims to put Earth science in a broader context by examining the latest science at the micro, human (e.g., climate change impacts and mitigation) and global (e.g., global warming) scales.

We will use case studies and debates to clarify science vs.Emphasizes written communication through a combination of informal and formal writing assignments; an oral presentation is required. Presents the fundamental principles of petrology, including origin, occurrence, and evolution of igneous and metamorphic rocks.Final projects will be included in the student's e-portfolio. Introduction to the types and origins of sedimentary rocks and their depositional environments, stratigraphic orientation, fossil content, and relationship to geologic time. Presents the fundamental principles of mineralogy, including mineral chemistry, mineral identification, phase diagrams, mineral structures, and elementary crystallography. Integrates geochemical principles based on phase equilibria with interpretation of mineral assemblages present in common rocks.pseudo-science, current controversies, and how natural (as well as some human-induced) hazards affect us in Western New York.Completing all three courses, GLY 101LEC, GLY 102LEC and GLY 105LAB, would fulfill the Scientific Inquiry and Literacy Requirement as well as the Natural Sciences General Education requirement.

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