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If you're using Windows XP, see our Windows XP end of support page.

For a list of the latest updates see the change log.

If you require support, please visit the Microsoft Answer Desk.

If you suspect that a file has been incorrectly identified as malware, you can submit the file for analysis.

Most scanners use separate files in this manner instead of encoding the virus patterns into the software, to enable easy updating.

Most commercial virus scanners update their virus definition files on a monthly basis, as new viruses are found "in the wild" and definitions created for them by the programmers that write the antivirus software.

This is the same as when Windows automatically downloads the update, and can be useful if you aren't always connected to the Internet or haven't turned your PC on for a few days.

If automatic updates aren't working there might be an issue with your PC: You can also force a download of the latest daily update.It says "Updating Virus Definitions" To fully protect this computer AVG is updating its definitions.This has been going on for some time now and I am not sure if its doing anything or what. For more information see the Forefront Client Security entry at the Microsoft Support Lifecycle site.You can download the last available definition package, dated July 14th, 2015 for 32-bit or 64-bit.

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