Virtual reality dating game

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I decided to turn the outdoor VR experience into an interactive experience for two people and that’s when I approached Rosa to help further develop the interaction and narrative.One field where digital technology is really making an interesting impact is dating.In the activity, one partner wears Google Cardboard and takes a walk through a virtual forest, armed with a general direction of where they need to go.The other partner helps guide them by hand so that they do not stumble into obstacles or city traffic.Last month, a virtual reality dating game quietly made its way into the app store.

Veenhof believes these type of experiences, rather than stationary ones, are what the future holds: Much of our behavior will be triggered or facilitated by smart wearables, and as a result of that, our inter-human relations too.

Cyborg Dating isn’t actually a date with a cyborg (though it may be difficult to tell the difference these days), but it is a potentially fun and thought-provoking activity.

Visitors of Utrecht’s Impakt Festival in the Netherlands recently had the opportunity to test the new technology.

There’s even an opportunity to switch to night time mode and encourage the date to end romantically.

I had been exploring the possibilities of augmented reality with a special interest in AR that has the potential to transform public spaces.

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