Validating while loop

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This is good validation because it works if the user enters in multiple characters as one word, but also works if the user enters in several words (such as "a b c") because of the use of getline.

The cin.clear() and cin.ignore() will ignore everything after the first number.

Input validation is a process where you check whether the user is inputting the valid data or not.

A user may input anything and that can make the program to behave unexpectedly. If you create a program that takes various subject's marks as input from user and then calculates and displays total and average of those marks.

The while loop, like the if statement, includes a boolean expression that evaluates to true or false.

The code inside the loop will be repeatedly executed until the boolean expression is no longer true.

However, here i present you some easy programs to make you understand how we can make use of while and do while loop for input validation.

If he does unintentionally then we should show him his mistake and then tell him to correct it .

But, sooner or later, you ought to understand exceptions...

While loops are known as indefinite or conditional loops.

For single characters, you have two options: 1) If the user inputs more than one character, reject the input and prompt the user for a new input, or 2) Just take the first character the user inputs and discard whatever else the user might have entered after that (if anything).

For #2, you can just do to discard as many characters in the input stream as possible until it reaches a newline character (from the user pressing Enter).

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