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I also agree that an overhaul of the docs *in general* is long overdue.However, shouting at hard-working volunteer programmers is not the way to go about getting it done!--Wolf530 , 14 January 2006 (UTC)The point is not that it is free as in "free to the user" but free as in "developer's don't get paid".The software is primarily written to manage the Wikimedia projects, but having developed the software for that purpose it has also been made available to anyone else who wants to run a wiki.For them, here is a list of simple steps to Now Download latest Media Wiki package from Make sure your server environment supports the version of Media Wiki that you are planning to install. If your server does not support, you should first ask your host to upgrade server to required PHP and mysql versions.Upload the new Media Wiki package on your server using an FTP client (like File Zilla).It is important to keep on upgrading your Media Wiki installation to the latest stable release.New releases not only offer you the new features but also provide with security patches.

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Also, if I choose to do so, I assume I will be able to figure out a way to script this, otherwise that is a lot of file extentions to change. I've been using mediawiki on sourceforge for collaboration on a project I'm working on.

Now open an SSH connection with your server using putty.

Unpack the package and copy the its content to your wiki directory. For this you may use the following command: Upload backed up message file and replace the new message file (only if you had made changes in the interface messages)Check your website and see if it is running fine.

PP: Question does sanyone know where to find the official Mediawiki documentation regarding this subject The problem I've been having with this same upgrade is that files use php4 by default on Godaddy.

I've been told that to use PHP5 the files extentions need to be changed to .php5.

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