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Basically the problem is that the JLabels inside the ... First create a JLabel with no values like: JLabel jl = new JLabel(""); By using set Bounds() set its position at the end part of the frame.Now when you have generated your report, (most probably by clicking a button), in the action part give , Text(report); where report is the String variable representing the report ...All, I've run into something of a stumbling block, no doubt due to the fact that I haven't used Swing in a while.Anyway, I'm actually writing a small applet program, although I've also included a "main" so I can test it from the command line without a browser.

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So adding validate() calls would have no effect -- the painting thread is the same one that's blocked in the event handler, so the screen wouldn't be updated.I'm not really sure on how to do this and I'm really new to GUI code so if you could dumb down ... Is there a way, in Swing, to disable frames update while we make changes to the UI and enable it later?Using Windows API I could write in Delphi: Lock Window Update(Handle); // disable try // update ui finally Lock Window Update(0); // enable, showing the changes made end; Is there something similar in Java? To make time-dependent actions happen in a GUI, you must use a Thread or Timer.The part of the application that I am currently having trouble getting to work is being able to scroll through and display a list of images, one at a time.

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