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Virginia Christian, the first and only female juvenile to be executed by the state of Virginia.Ross Howell Jr.'s new historical fiction book ' Forsaken' examines Christian's arrest, trial and execution through the lens of Charles Mears, a Hampton reporter who covered the story. The Library of Virginia has created Forsaken: the Digital Bibliography that, chapter by chapter, provides archival documents and detailed information about real life Virginians featuerd in the book.We do not believe that the execution of this child will lessen the number of crimes of murder in your state or that the commutation of her sentence to life imprisonment will increase them.We do believe the great trinity of justice, humanity and civilization waits in asking you to stay the hand of the executioner….Jim Crow society was certainly against her in every way and she seemed so helpless and alone and I just found that I couldn't turn away from the story.July 11th, 1912 Honorable William Hodges Mann, Governor, Richmond Virginia.I mean, it was difficult, it was just a difficult situation.

Recognizing the heinousness of this offense committed by this mad young woman, we must ask you, is not the state of Virginia herself in part responsible? The picture of her sitting alone in her cell, unable to while away her last hours even by reading, is an indictment against society for her condition that must reflect on all of us who have been given to see the light as she never dreamed of seeing it.

it's kind of like this story, there are some big historical things that happen in American society that for some reason or another they kind of been just pushed aside, we haven't really looked at them and so like this book I'll be looking at people who are kind of on the edges of society again just trying to show some of the things that they had to endure and yet were able to prevail.

All archival images courtesy of the Library of Virginia.

My Dear Governor, in my capacity as a reporter I had intimate knowledge of the Virginian Christian case but that the one on the court and matters relating to the case they have not been put into the record I also know what the prevailing public sentiment is in the community relative to this case I therefore say to you frankly that while I am not a lawyer still unsatisfied the killing of miss out of below was not a premeditated that and I verily believe that every end of justice will be mad at this woman is giving life in prison I'm interested in matters solely from humanitarian point of view and write to you because it this time and in this case you holding your hands the power of life and death with best regards and yours truly Charles G. What I liked about this narrator is here is a person who is actually trying to live what he believes and it gets him in a lot of trouble.

But there is something very noble about that, you know to try to not just talk about with you believe, not just recite the lessons of Christ, but to try to live the lessons of Christ.

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