Too beautiful and intimidating

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” We’re quick to notice our crush’s positive qualities, but most of us suppress our own, hoping we don’t come off too strong. After all, if being “intimidating” and scaring away Tinderellas because I am too much of myself is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

I remember several years ago, being about 20 years old, and I was out with a group of girlfriends. At least not compared to the number of men who were interested in my friends. The men seemed interested in my girlfriends, but not me. Not that I was trying to actually figure it out; I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. He pulled his head right back and stepped away from me, taking one step back, literally. I remember walking away from that club where I was at, and weeks later, started to tell myself the boring story about how men don’t want to be in a relationship with me because they were intimidated by me. The reality is that attraction occurs when there is polarity.

They had no perceived positive rewards for their efforts to court me, because I put out a tonne of masculine energy.

It was that I walked around, living my life from this place of thinking that my worth came from being career minded and successful. And yet – it pushed the better men away, because I didn’t need their direction.

One can’t get clarity when they are feeling sorry for themselves. I was actually totally clueless, because it was none of that. Polarity happens when there is opposite energies, it didn’t have to be that way, it is just how it is in our universe.

(Click here to get your Goddess Report)On this particular night, one nice young man did come up to me and introduce himself. Looking back, i now realise that it wasn’t that men were intimidated and THAT is why they didn’t or couldn’t be in a relationship with me.

Because we all secretly know unconsciously that women trade up and compare men all the time.

As Jada Pinkett says; ‘no woman wants a man other women don’t want’.

I will admit, it’s a fair point; not everyone can handle a witty tongue.“) or the other fake story we often tell ourselves; that…we prefer living with the internal story in our minds of ‘they’re intimidated by me’ than feeling with our deep, inner yearning in our heart and body for a fully directed man to enter our life. When we women say; ‘men don’t court me because they’re intimidated by me’…Men actually just weren’t attracted to us. There’s a lot of pain and humiliation surrounding not finding a man for most women in this world. Maybe in the corporate world where they’re not thinking about dating you.It doesn’t mean we AREN’T attractive; it just means that we didn’t show up that way in the eyes of men. ’ why not be more approachable then, if we really value relationship and connection and opening to a man? We just try to cover it up with stupid stories like: No. But we have to survive somehow; and to SURVIVE, we have to tell ourselves an internal story that makes us feel good enough that we can walk out the door in the morning and actually live our lives. Even if they are intimidated by you, that usually only counts for a small percentage of the reason why they are not wanting a relationship with you. How is men being intimidated by you even relevant to your love life?Just because one man doesn’t understand my need for competition and mental stimulation is not to say that I’ll be #Forever Alone as a #Cat Lady.Perhaps he finds me intimidating because I’m “too much” of myself.

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