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Until last Monday, Bill Allen, the good looking former editor-in-chief of National Geographic, was a loner—a "privacy nut" who kept to himself, flew under the radar, and whose only known address was a P. It seems as though Tipper, 63, has found a new man.“It must be true,” concludes a longtime intimate of Tipper. In breathless prose, the paper implied that the 71-year-old former editor was no mere arm candy, but rather a serious beau for the former second lady.

In March of 2002, rumors abounded that Tipper was considering a run for the Senate seat held by Republican Fred Thompson.

Gore has also been an LGBT rights activist since her husband was in office, which was rare for a second lady and against her husband's beliefs at the time. Agnes School), a private Episcopal school in Alexandria, Virginia, where she played basketball, softball, and field hockey and played the drums for an all-girl band, The Wildcats. In 1985, Tipper Gore co-founded the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) with Susan Baker, wife of then United States Secretary of the Treasury James Baker, because Tipper heard her then 11-year-old daughter Karenna playing "Darling Nikki" by Prince.

and his first wife, Margaret Ann (née Carlson) Odom (who lost her first husband during World War II). When Al Gore began attending Harvard University, she enrolled in Garland Junior College (now part of Simmons College) and later transferred to Boston University, receiving her B. criticized the group, arguing that it was a form of censorship.

Political activist, photographer and former spouse of Vice President Al Gore Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson was born on August 19, 1948, in Washington, D. In 1970, they were married at Washington's National Cathedral, and in the same year she received a degree in psychology from Boston University.

until her husband was elected to Congress as a Democratic representative in 1976.

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