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It’s a euphoric way to round off our first day in Singapore, the first of nine we spend there. Surprise is the reaction of most tourists we encounter in Singapore.Everyone else is on the move, to Cambodia, or Australia. Yet I can’t think of any place better than Singapore as a first family trip outside Europe.Imagine you are feeling all nice and cozy by the fire or just having a pleasant meal after your busy day and suddenly seeing a disgusting tick that crawls up the back of your neck? Suddenly, your inner peace is interrupted by this tiny creature that you certainly don’t want anywhere near you.What’s more, tick bites can cause numerous diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia, Babesiosis, Colorado tick fever, and Relapsing fever.For months we planned our family trip to Singapore, sketching out what we would do, and how we would mark the euphoric moment of arriving in the Far East.Somehow, on our first evening there, we find ourselves in a subterranean Japanese supermarket, ordering crepes from a takeaway stall.Downtown, a lengthy list of fairground-style attractions awaits, including the Singapore Flyer, the giant wheel spinning 165m above a Gotham City skyline; quaint vessels known as “bumboats” that nudge along the Singapore river as if they were coin-operated toys; and Gardens by the Bay, a super-sized Asian Eden Project of graceful tropical domes and giant, artificial "supertrees".These, perhaps epitomising Singapore, manage to be impressive rather than vulgar.

He will barely sleep that night, his head spinning with so much to take in. Travel essentials Getting there Western & Oriental (020 7666 1234; westernoriental.com) offers a 10-day twin centre trip to Singapore and Bali, staying at the Shangri-La in Singapore.

They don’t run around like a misdirected firework in parks, or wrestle one another to the pavement for no obvious reason.

For a Western family, this can be quite intimidating and daunting.

Singapore is swelteringly hot, but every building is air-conditioned to the temperature of Canada in January, and so the key to avoiding heat-related tantrums is simply not to overdo things. One by one we tick off Singapore’s varied quarters: Chinatown, Arab Street, Little India, the Singapore river and Marina Bay. Despite being an international brand, it’s not a homogenous experience: it’s positioned above Clark Quay and reached via a glass elevator with the obvious echoes of Road Dahl and Charlie Bucket.

Typically, we walk for 15 minutes, stop for a fruit juice, and repeat, until we decide it’s time to go back to the hotel. The staff ooze charm, there’s a good pool and stunning views of the river and Marina Bay from our room.

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