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I would like to marry a nice, kind, responsible man aged 30 to 50 yrs. - Female, 22, student teacher likes playing volley ball, listening to music, watching TV, going to the cinema and swimming. Single girl, 30, 166 cms tall, 57 kg, travel office manager, modest and optimistic. I am seeking someone loving, caring, understanding for penfriendship, visits and romance, a lasting relationship with similar interests to mine. My hobbies are travelling, music, reading and sports. Please read the disclaimer columns in these magazines before making new friends.

Natalia Bogdanova, Russia (Photo, Direct Address, Phone no. - I m 35 yrs, 172 cms, 52 kg, single, feminine, graduate and a nice woman looking for a single graduate, romantic (35-45) serious and honest man for relationship/ marriage. I consider myself to be patient, understanding and caring. Hopes to meet an intellectual man with good taste for a relationship. I am looking for that special man with a good heart. Your order will be processed through Advanced Security -128 bit encryption - using sophisticated international fraud control to screen all purchases.

As the English first settled in Madras, capital of Tamil Nadu when they arrived in India, some Tamil words have become incorporated in to English eg Pariah, Catamaran, Ayah." Raj"This language originates in Tamil Nadu, South India. There are some old literature of wisdom in this language and they are being translated in many foreign languages including English.

It is also spoken in Sri Lanka." Farzana "This is a dravidian language. The origin of this language can be traced to the ancient civilization of Mohande Jaro-Harappa in Pakistan." Dr C P Thiagarajah Tamil in the UK today:"There is a large group of Sri Lankan Tamils in Britain mostly living in London.

There are no photos, nor phone numbers of the listed persons. Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Romania, France, Poland, Germany, Cyprus, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Austria, with a Special list on females of Russia. Cute, charming girls and ladies looking for male friends and marriage partners from all over.

It is the root language such as Malayalam, Telengu and Kannada the South Indian Languages.

Its origin is supposed to be more than 7000 years old according to historians and archaeologists.

I know I’ve just created hell for myself because in addition to I love you in Sinhala, I’ve given my girlfriend plenty of lines to annoy me with for months to come.

But in all sincerity, I’ll admit that somewhere deep down underneath my grimaces and the layers of ‘cringiness’ inside, there’s a part of me that actually likes it when she brings this element of romance into the relationship.

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