Rob estes dating mitzi kapture

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Brill's real-life wife Mitzi Mc Call played Lipschitz's free-spirited wife Frannie on the series, and the two provided some occasional comic relief amid the dramatic tension of the storylines.They also appeared in the second season playing completely different characters.Rita, who was promoted to Lieutenant, was soon confirmed to be pregnant (as was Kapture in real life), and Chris and Rita were married in an early December episode titled "Till Death Do Us Part".The next week's episode, "The Last Kiss Goodnight", ended with Chris being shot and killed in the line of duty.However, as the series went on, this condition was gradually phased out of the plot and was never mentioned again. The opening credits would alternate, one week showing Estes first and then Kapture, the following week showing Kapture first and then Estes.The opening montage of quick cuts were "teasers" that suggested the sexy and violent subject matter of the show, but were not taken from any of the show's actual episodes.In the fifth season (fall 1995), Chris and Rita's mutual attraction finally moved from friendship to love in a two-part episode in November, called "Partners".

In the first two episodes of the series, Kapture was shown first, and then Estes; they alternated after that, except for Kapture's final episode, in which she (and not Estes) appeared in the opening montage, followed by the two new co-stars.

Working prominently with Lorenzo and Lance was assistant district attorney George Donovan (William Anton).

Various recurring characters came and went, notably Dennis Paladino as mob boss Donnie "Dogs" Di Barto (Di Belco in his first appearance); John Byner as Cotton Dunn, a cunning but likable con artist; Scott Atkins as Officer Perry, a rookie cop; Kim Morgan Greene as Melissa Cassidy, a late night radio talk show host, sex therapist, and old flame of Chris's; Danny Gans as Roger, a coroner who frequently (and unsuccessfully) tried to get Rita to go out with him; Marie Marshall as Solange, a local photographer with a faux French accent who crossed paths with Chris and Rita in the second season; and Lucy Lin, who played forensic expert Dr. Actress Freda Foh Shen took over Lin's role in later episodes.

Gunn, who starred in the Primetime after Crimetime series Dark Justice as Kelly Cochrane in 1992 and '93, previously played a secretary arrested for murder in season 3.

Unlike the transition that was played out between Chris and Rita and Michael and Holly, no on-screen explanation was given for Michael and Holly's departure, and fans of the series sometimes refer to them as the "lost cast".

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