Relative dating techniques include

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It is a very valuable tool used by archaeologists in the quest to place our history in order, and although it has its limits, it will be employed by archaeologists the world over as long as the science exists.

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Types of relative dating techniques include, dendrochrology, pollen analysis, ice core sampling, stratigraphy, seriation, linguistic dating, and climate chronology, in addition to many other types of dating.Again, association is used to connect two items found together.10The Value of Relative Dating Using known processes of change, relative dating can be used to predict the age of artifacts found under a variety of circumstances when absolute techniques are either not available or not conclusive.Paleolimnology involves some of the relative dating techniques used. Both relative and absolute dating techniques require the analysis of artifacts, whether they be stone, bone, pollen, or tools, etc.Unfortunately, relative dating techniques give us no idea of the actual age of an artifact or site. The difference between relative and absolute dating is that, absolute dating can find an exact date of how old a specific object is (say 1,000 years old approx.), where as relative dating is an estimation based on other factors of a given site.

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