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Data: Collapsed city walls; burning; spring time (indicated by a presence of grain); presence of grain (so must have fallen quickly and not a lengthy siege).

A quick fall points to a supernatural fall (not his words).

The stoppage of the Jordan correlates with historically known stoppages.

“Taken together, all these factors would seem to encourage confidence in the compatibility of the archaeological and textual evidence relating to the fall of Jericho. Attempts to answer this are: Etiological explanation. Albright: Story in Joshua concerns Bethel but later it was identified with Ai.

The problem of Jericho has to do not so much with the material finds as with the dates assigned to these findings.” Garstang. Excavation shows a violent destruction of Bethel in the 13th century (Albright and Kelso—1934, 1955‑60).

“And Joshua sent men from Jericho to Ai, which is beside Bethaven, on the east side of Beth‑el…they are but few.” (Josh. Ha’ai means “the heap” as does Et-Tell, the modern name for this site (see , #198, April, 1970). It is more probable that this is the destruction of Bethel referred to in Judges 1 at a later date.

When Sennacherib and Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judah centuries later, they followed the same strategy.

All the cities mentioned in Joshua can today be located with a high degree of probability except Makkedah. C.) which contains the only mention of Israel and refers to them as a people in Palestine.

We will simply have to wait (perhaps in vain) for further interpretation and correlation which will help.

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77) is that there were Israelites in Canaan while other Israelites were in Egypt. Albright argues first that contemporary “civilizations” have little right to sit in judgment on others with regard to total warfare.

Evangelical scholarship may be moving back to a Late Bronze date (mid 1500’s). The town may have been destroyed by one of the other Hebrew groups, the history of whose infiltrations is, as generally recognized, complex.

Krahmalkov, “Exodus Itinerary Confirmed by Egyptian Evidence,” This is quite a strong contrast to a prominent Methodist bishop of a few years ago who referred to the God of the Old Testament as a Bully.

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