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I asked my girlfriend, a Londoner, if any of her fellow Londoners internet-date and apparently they don’t.

“We just say hello to one another” she said, as though it were obvious. At any rate, I did not date any native Londoners, male or female, in my online dating career.

And when it came to the bedroom things went further downhill. If the dates were really bad they would say, “I am sorry, you are just not my type” and leave.

One guy came up my friends nostril (yes right up it! I am ashamed to say, if my dates were bad I would get drunk and kiss them anyway and then never reply to their texts.

These were the days before Facebook and we did not have 1,000 digital photographs of ourselves immediately to hand.

I took a picture of her, she is thin and blonde and very hot and pouted sexily for the photo. We wrote our profiles of each other, uploaded the pictures and waited with baited breath.

About five of my straight, single, female friends joined at the same time and part of the fun was coming into work the next day (deathly hungover) and comparing notes over email about our dates the previous night.

The thing is, it is so hard to sound cool in an online dating profile.Of course sometimes he does text you and you go on a second date.My second date with Thomas was a picnic in the park in Ealing, we lay on the grass drinking cava in the sun and snogging.Thomas I think his name was, not much taller than me, worked in pharmacuticals, nice enough.We met in a bar in Central London, drank four cocktail jugs between us and smoked furiously.

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