Podcast not updating

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Is there anyway to deal with this or is it just an annoying Microsoft glitch?Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig for example, while, other ones (such as the IGN podcasts) work fine.This verification requirement is included to cut down on possible spam accounts.If you have supported Freedomain Radio financially and would like immediate access to the message board - or - your donation status is incorrect, please contact Michael at [email protected] your Paypal email/Bitcoin address/etc as well as your board account name and the situation will be addressed ASAP.With the recent update to 11.4 I noticed that my podcasts were not refreshing, either on a schedule or on-demand.I tried restarting i Tunes, unplugging the i Pod, restarting the computer – nothing. Look at this setting: (Windows version: Edit | Preferences | Store) Uncheck the highlighted setting.For some reason some of the podcasts I am subscribed to on the Podcasts app are not updating.

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I've recently switched my podcast from one show to another.Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help! Oh I figured this thread would be about podcasts not downloading fully into the Podcast app on the i Phone.They download in their entirety on i Tunes on my Mac Book, but right before they finish on my phone they say “Download error.To do so, long press on the podcast and select 'Copy url to clipboard', then paste the result in your web browser address bar.If the feed doesn't exist any more feel free to contact me so I can remove it from the app database.

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