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Physical-sexual behavior is triggered, or exacerbated, by rejection.And since physicals ''see'' rejection when the emotional is simply engaging in his or her normal behavior, physicals feel more and more rejected as time goes on, and thus more and more in love.For example, we might theorize that at first we see God in our beloveds, and adore them.But as we become aware of their flaws — their humanity — adoration goes out the window.Most of us, no matter what we're like the rest of the time, have been through the Divine Madness known as falling in love. The world regains the magical qualities it had when we were children. Even after the first blush wears off, a few couples still remain in love for life — but only a few. What, exactly, is this ''something'' that happens to us, when it seems that all we could ever want is to remain passionately in love?And every miracle we've ever longed for seems to be reflected in our Lover's eyes. And on the other side of the coin, a few unfortunate individuals have sex only once before they lose interest. The God/Frog Syndrome Many have tried to explain the lessening or loss of love as a spiritual dynamic that can happen to everyone.So, a drake type of nigga would be a dude that will hug and kiss his homies on the cheek when they say goodbye after hanging out all day together.


Guilt and fear are stances that push our behavior into these polarities. If the emotional keeps to a pattern, physicals feel secure. To the physical-sexual person, the love relationship is at the top of their priority list.

Either way, we are caught up in dysfunctional relationship. The Physical/Emotional Syndrome There is another theory of relationships that transcends the God/Frog and Mars/Venus perspectives, giving us a whole new way of looking at the dynamics between two people.

The Mars/Venus Syndrome Other theorists opt for variations on the Mars-Venus syndrome, explaining relationship dynamics in terms of the differences between men and women — as though God built disappointment into the very fabric of Reality itself. There is a reason, however, that this work seems to hold up so well. This theory is called Emotional and Physical, or E and P, Sexuality.

Drakes music is relatable to pretty much everyone whether they choose to admit it not.

Since he seems super in touch with his emotions some would say she a tad effeminate or has female tendencies.

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