Playing it too cool dating

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He is the one who always calls me, I've initiated calling maybe 3 times. In the beginning he didn't know that I was interested because I never called him.

Sometimes I think I am being too laid back, maybe play a little too hard to get.

It’s not cute and quirky; it’s f*cking terrifying and he will probably (understandably) run away from your (slightly) psycho ass.

Sure, past sexual experiences have shaped your current sex life, and are the reason you now know what you like and don’t like, but there are ways to relay this information to your new partner without essentially saying, “I was kind of a slut.”Nobody wants to picture his boo-thang doing the dirty with a bunch of other people.

You don't want to crowd this interesting and attractive new person in your life or pressure him or her to move faster than is comfortable.

You want to give the relationship a chance to come together naturally and grow.

Well now he knows I like him because I have been dating him I hope by this point he knows I like him. Does it sound like I am doing things right so far or should I be doing things differently in showing him I really like him?

Send them the odd txt here and there to let them know you are thinking of them. If you are the right match things will go along just how you want it but if you’re not don’t force things with that person. If you are already living in each other’s pocket within the first week of knowing each other you will probably talk about this sooner!

After the first date it is sometimes nice if you enjoyed their company to send them a little txt just saying so. You need to let them know you like them if that is how you feel. You may have to admit that maybe this time the person isn’t quite right for you. Don’t forget that if you really click with the person and think they feel the same way, you must let them know. They may think you are not interested and find someone else. So many people are put off by someone who tries too hard to not look interested.

She lists off all of her plans for making sure her new guy knows just how special he is to her like sending him flirty texts, cooking him dinner and finding a way to get into his apartment to give him an intimate surprise. “You've got to play it cool,” counsels her friend.

“Don't come on too strong, act too interested or be too available to him,” the advice continues.

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