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The "Extra" quality exhibits the deepest color." Methyl benzoate, methyl salicilate, methyl paracretol, benzyl acetate, eugenol, geraniol, linalol, linalyl bezoate, linalyl acetate and various terpines, among them pinene and cadinene.

Circulatory System: used to lower high blood pressure, palpitations and tachycardia.

Other: It has traditionally been used in hair tonics and is believed to stimulate hair growth.

At the turn of the century it was used to treat malaria and other tropical fevers.

Family Annonaceae (Compositae) Tropical tree growing approximately 25 feet tall, with pink, mauve or yellow flowers. Filipinos used the flowers to make a pomade or salve which they massaged on their bodies to ward off disease during the rainy season, and to counter insect and snake bites.

In Indonesia the flowers were spread on the marriage bed of newlywed couples.

(Lawless, Shute) Circulatory stimulant Endocrine System: Can support hormone balance (Shute) Nervous System: Stress relief.

Reproductive System: Ylang Ylang mixed with jasmine or rose has been used to treat sexual difficulties, especially those stemming from lack of confidence and/or inhibition.

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In this segment, the real life in villages is shown through photos (Pics) .The Calm Baby Breastfeeding Cookbook moms can easily calm their fussy, crying, colicky babies by changing their diets!We offer information on pregnancy and breastfeeding. Melanie Bee solutions to cure ADD/ADHD and to improve health.(Battaglia) Recent research indicates that inhaling ylangylang before the onset of a seizure may help control epilepsy. It is known in Asia as an antidepressant, relaxing to body, mind and spirit, as well as an aphrodisiac.It is said to calm anger, release tension, lift depression and generally stabilize mood swings.

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