Outlook updating inbox long time

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To set up Gmail to allow either kind of connection, open the Gmail account and click on Mail settings. Setting up POP If you want to set up POP, select the appropriate option under POP Download: After selecting an option, the Configure your email client link will give you detailed instructions on how to connect Outlook to Gmail.The instructions cover Outlook 2002 through Outlook 2007; Outlook 2010 is functionally the same as Outlook 2007 in this respect.The end user also has the option to use Outlook rules to assign a special category to such email.For example, if the user wants to give Gmail content either lower or higher priority, or if he wants to move it to a designated subfolder in a message store.Gmail doesn’t accept email from POP3 or IMAP clients by default.This is a security measure that keeps hackers from sneakily connecting to a user’s account and siphoning off email when you’re not looking.Another option is to assign Gmail its own message store.This allows for more thorough segregation and also makes it possible for users to handle Gmail stuff in a totally separate inbox.

Also, messages from the remote server are synced locally so that they can be read offline. The icon to the right of the envelope indicates that a particular message is not locally synced yet.If it’s a local storage management issue, the size of the PST file in question will not be a problem, since it’s just a local cache for any messages open in the current session.You can specify which message store to use when you’re first setting up the Gmail POP account.Some users like having one store per account as an organizational tactic; they deal with everything in their main inbox, then switch to the other one and handle it at their own pace.Also, this makes it possible to reply to incoming Gmail messages from that Gmail account if they need to, instead of using an other email account set up in Outlook.

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