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In fact I ( hail from Kerala , wore komanam or kaupinam during my upanayanam) and thereafter I could not get change to continue in wearing komanam.

But for the last 5 years , I have been continuously wearing komanam or kaupinam and at times even to office also.

But by then I was so used to wearing a Komanam that I ignored them and the teasing stopped after some time.

Similarly I am not averse to bathing in a river or waterfall with only Komanam.

It seemed a natural thing to be in Komanam only when washing clothes, praying or doing my morning exercises.

Like this I laso goit used to swimming in the tanks and big wells in the area with my friends wearing only a Komanam.

Sometimes people have objected and I have said this is all I wear, what should I do?

Then even such people understand and in fact many such persons also then appreciate it as a healthy and clean habit!

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So my wife said it is healthier for me to have Komanam only not underwear and prohibited the use of the underwear from then on.It was also not uncommon in those days (some 40 to 45 years back).When class mates and college friends found out they made fun.Finally, I would only say, people should start accepting komanam as the prime inner garment.Komanam has lot of benefits which are discussed in parallel thread in this forum.

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