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But then again why wouldn't they, they have it made here.

Both my son, Jeremy and my daughter Lilly are still in college and both hold part time jobs.

" I saw a little spark in his eyes."Okay but remember this is just a thought. " I could hear the excitement in his voice and it made me just as excited."What is it Brad? " I said to him."Sure it is but you must admit it does fit all our needs!

""Well you know how Jeremy seems to be perpetually jerking his meat? I mean he obviously has the stamina you are looking for, and since he is already here you two could definitely have spontaneous times! ""Wow," I said, "I am not sure how I should feel about this?

" At first I thought he was just kidding but the look on his face told me he was completely serious. " I answered."Well take your time but I do have one request? " I asked."If you do, umm have sex with Jeremy I want all the sordid details.

My name is Noreen and I am a 43 year old married woman with two children, both still living at home.

His cock sprang right out, it was harder than I had seen it in months. I slurped it right down deep into my throat and sucked it all the way back up to the throbbing head. " I continued my blow job then he pulled my head away from his cock. Mommy's pussy is so wet and it is sucking my cock" His words sent me spinning to another orgasm as I thought about my son slamming his cock deep in my pussy."Oh God yes Jeremy fuck your momma's pussy... My answers to his playing pushed him over the edge and soon I felt his hot cum splashing in my cunt."Oh yes Mmmmoooommmmmyyyyyy! The ideas spurred our heat on again and for the first time in over a couple of years me and my husband had a two session night.

My spit left a trail and I slid my mouth back down following the path of spit."Oh yes baby suck that cock. So now I sit here on my bed, my pussy soaked and my nipples hard thinking about crossing that line with my son as I listen to him masturbate in his room.

He knew he wouldn't have the energy to take care of his manly duties for a few more months so he proposed an idea that would keep us both happy.

He told me to take a lover until the project he was working on was completed.

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