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"I've seen everything from your basic striptease to sexual acts being performed," said Reynoldsburg police Detective Brian Marvin, a member of the FBI Cyber Crime Task Force of Central Ohio."You name it, they will do it at their home under this perceived anonymity." Westerville Central High School senior Jerome Ray said he's received such unsolicited messages, including one from a classmate while he was sitting with his girlfriend. "Some girls are crazy and they are putting themselves out there." Candice Kelsey, a teacher from California, said some teenage girls think they have to be provocative to get boys' attention.Forget about passing notes in study hall; some teens are now using their cell phones to flirt and send nude pictures of themselves.

"This happens a lot," said Kelsey, author of Generation My Space: Helping Your Teen Survive Online Adolescence. For instance, a central Ohio high school teen made a sexual cell phone video of himself and sent it to female classmates.

Stretching from the tropical rainforests in the South, through the mixed woodlands and savannah’s, into the more arid north and finally up to Lake Chad.

This diversity in vegetation hosts an incredibly vast array of animal and bird species.

Ranging from the elusive Bongo, Forest Sitatunga and Giant Forest Hog, through to the Lord Derby Eland, North Western Buffalo and Roan in the north.

The hunting season is generally from December till May.

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