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Yet another feature Sonic WALL wireless-equipped routers possess is distributed WLAN support for Sonic Point satellite access points.Sonic WALL wireless routers support both the 802.11b and 802.11g standards.But how many sellers advertise "transferable" and mean it?Most sellers will advertise "transferable" but the unit is not in their

The devices also support a variety of security protocols, including WEP, WPA and WPA-EAP.OK, So I have upgraded to an NSA 2600 from my TZ-215W.However, I still need the wireless access in the device, instead of spending money on another AP. The config it suggest is connect existing LAN to the WAN port.Sonic WALL's TZ wireless-equipped routers include several features not found on the non-wireless counterparts.In addition to protecting LANs with wireless intrusion detection services, which help monitor unauthorized access and the presence of rogue access points, a separate firewall exists for securing and separating wireless traffic from the wired LAN.

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