Married couples dating others

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In short, there are as many reasons to be nonmonogamous as there are nonmonogamous people—and therein lies a bit of a problem.Even if a couple agrees to be nonmonogamous, their reasons for doing so might be in conflict.

This eventually led to resentment on both sides and jealousy on his—and suddenly I found myself back in a claustrophobic relationship, arguing about who belonged to whom. — New Directions Not surprisingly, the green-eyed monster is a common challenge for nonmonogamous partners across the board, regardless of gender or sexuality. For couples venturing into opendom, it’s important for partners to communicate their needs and work out an agreement in advance of any rendezvous.

For many of us, the urge to couple up is a strong one. But does love mean never dating or having sex with other people?

Several years ago, I decided to challenge the idea that the only way to a loving, committed relationship was to be monogamous.

But these categories are pretty fluid, and they shift depending on a given couple’s needs and boundaries. —Why Couples Go Rogue The tricky thing about relationships is they’re all different, so there’s no “one reason” why people decide to explore alternative relationship models.

Still, there are a wide range of theories about why monogamy hasn’t proved universally satisfying.

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