Li nanxing dating

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"I've been with someone who is shorter than me, so height is not a big problem.

As you grow up, you kind of change what you want from a guy," she said.

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Also starring Li Nanxing, Jeanette Aw, Desmond Tan, Romeo Tan and Shaun Chen, it premieres on Channel 8 on Monday at 9pm.A sequel to The Journey, which aired last November, it tells the story of five young people in the 1940s who fight for Singapore's independence leading up to 1965.In the 30-episode show, Chin plays a schoolteacher who leads her students in political protests, hoping to end colonial rule.I feel very happy for them because they have really found the right one," she said."If wedding bells sound for me, I think my mum will be the happiest." But it does not mean that the bachelorette has stopped thinking about getting hitched.

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