Internet dating lying about age

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Applying a skeptical eye to the top 5 facts and figures below will help you uncover 80 percent of online lies with minimum effort.The average man online says he’s at least one to two inches taller than he really is.Men who lie online about their social lives are likely to make it seem like they live more socially active lives than they have, and those men are also likely to lie about the quality of their social connections (exaggerate the importance of who they know and who they spend their time with). A guy who is 5’7’’ probably isn’t going to say he’s 6’1’’ on his profile because you’ll know he was lying the second you meet him.A guy who makes k a year flipping burgers isn’t going to say he makes 0k annually as an investment banker because he knows his dates will catch on to his deception pretty quickly.did a survey last year indicating that an impressive 58,500 people had found a partner on the site over a 12-month period — and it still offers a six-month guarantee of ­‘finding love’, albeit underlined (understandably) by a 500-word list of conditions. When Time Out magazine ran a cover story offering free online dating for every reader, it dangled a huge metaphorical carrot. But you rarely hear from those who, having failed to find a partner online, back away from the computer shaking their heads at the way the process distorts social conventions and leaves you slightly shell-shocked.

Plenty of men lie about the depth of their social lives.Yes, anecdotes of hair-raising internet dates have become dinner-party staples — you know, ‘he turned up wearing a toolbelt and immediately burst into tears’ — and many were collected in a book published earlier this year. The plunge in self-esteem when your ideal partner remains as elusive as a taxi on New Year’s Eve?A quick disclosure: I have a couple of dating profiles online. But this isn’t therapy masquerading as a self-pitying article by some bloke in his late-30s — well, not much, anyway.Sex advice columnist extraordinaire Dan Savage has stated he assumes every man with an online profile is probably two to five years older than he actually is.This is a fair assumption to make even if I think the percentage of men lying about their age online isn’t quite as numerous as Savage suggests and is likely more common among daters in their 30s, 40s and 50s than among seniors and 20-somethings.

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