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At the application level, SXE acts like a firewall to prevent programs making unauthorized access to sensitive system services.

Requests received by the Qt Extended server are first checked to see if the originating program has the correct security domain awarded to allow the sending of such messages.

The Safe Execution Environment - (SXE) is built into Qt Extended to provide a level of confidence to allow the download and execution of native 3rd-party binaries, such as games and utilities.

A full discussion of how to patch and install the LIDS enabled kernel is beyond the scope of this document.

Refer to and the documentation included in the LIDS source packages for more details.

The MAC system must be enabled in order for SXE to provide its level of guarantee of the security of the device.

For this reason, the Security tab of the System Information application shows the current state of SXE and whether a supported underlying MAC implementation is available.

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