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“She’s a right little goer you got there bro,” His brother said. I knew then that he was going to screw me and take my virginity. I heard him talking on the phone to his poker buddies.” “What did he say exactly? “He said, he was going to pop your virgin pussy and fill your cunt with cum. We broke up when I told him I didn’t want him touching me. “Suck my cock or I’ll fuck your pussy.” I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked him the same way I sucked Mike in the club.

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I didn’t really know why mom was with him, she was way out of his league, but she had three children and not a lot of men paid her any real attention.

“When you going to let me fuck that teenage pussy,” he demanded. My boyfriend, Mike, wanted to take me out to celebrate and his brother was going to get us into a club where he worked. You can fuck me and come in me as much as you want.” He kissed me one last time and ran to his car.

My boyfriend was already 20, but they had to sneak me in though a side entrance so that I wouldn’t get carded. If you can find us a place to go, you can be my first.” “Can I come in you? I waved goodbye, smiled to myself and stepped into the house through the door.

I could feel tears pouring down my face and I tried to scream as he pumped me harder and harder, slamming his hips into me, his balls slapping between my legs. “Ahhh yes, that’s nice teenage pussy.” He kept repeating it over and over. He slowly pulled is shrinking cock from my blood covered pussy and stood up. He left me in the kitchen and I just lay there with cum and blood dripping from my pussy. He grabbed me round the neck, forced me back into the living room and pushed me onto the sofa.

His dick was covered in a mixture of spunk, pussy juice and blood and it glistened in the light. “Your virgin pussy just sucked every drop of cum from my balls.” I pulled the knickers from my mouth. I don’t know how much time went past, but when I opened my eyes I found my sister standing there.

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