Funny online dating subject lines

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Exclamation marks be useful, but are so over-used in subject lines that they don’t tend to be very powerful.Instead, experiment with some fun symbols or loud punctuation to attract ‘dem eyeballs.Thrillist knows Thrillist is doing a ton of other stuff right too; they’ve got lists, localization, and pay tribute to a holiday.Who doesn’t want to impress their buddies with fun Guinness facts on St. Question marks and unusual punctuation offer another method for standing out from the email masses.People will commit some pretty cold actions to avoid “missing out.” Yup, we’ve all got a serious case of the FOMOs.Throw in some scarcity words and you may be surprised how your click rates will change.Email subject lines threatening scarcity (limited time offer!) tend to perform well, and this language is also common practice with squeeze pages.

In many ways, your email subject line is more important than your email body.

We’ll be covering 9 different types of effective email subject lines and sprinkling examples throughout. There’s a lot to be said for minimalism – users you to be clear and concise in your subject lines, as time is always an asset.

Mail Chimp conducted an email subject line study and found that short, descriptive subject lines fare better than cheesy lures.

After all, a great newsletter is worthless if it never sees the light of day.

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to creating slam dunk subject lines.

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