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Striptease and public nudity have been subject to legal and cultural prohibitions and other aesthetic considerations and taboos.

Restrictions on venues may be through venue licensing requirements and constraints and a wide variety of national and local laws. Mencken is credited with coining the word ecdysiast – from "ecdysis", meaning "to molt" – in response to a request from striptease artist Georgia Sothern, for a "more dignified" way to refer to her profession.

I've also received instructions on how to deep fry a turkey, retile a bathroom, and make my own almond milk, as well as a few lectures on the workings of fantasy football, which, honestly, I still don't understand.10.

The person who performs a striptease is commonly known as a "stripper" or exotic dancer.

While some polite customers place their tips neatly on the stage, most simply wad up their ones and lob the little balls at the stage. I have received a wide array of airplanes, one bow tie, one fortune teller, two ninja stars, and one paper crane. The "rain" might be in response to an impressive trick, or it may come as a result of the guy in the corner deciding it's time to go and showering whichever dancer is onstage with his remaining singles. As one customer astutely observed, we're all tall, but that's only because of the heels; in street clothes, we range from 4'10"to 5'10".

She was famous for her striptease performance of "Leda and the Swan".You have an outlet to discuss every esoteric fact you've ever learned. I've had fascinating conversations about the origins of Santa Claus, the structures for various types of sonnets, and different architectural styles of roofs. It's like being airbrushed, tanned, and toned all at once.4. They might not look like a six-pack (mine certainly don't, except occasionally at certain angles under aforementioned red lights), but I'm in better shape than I've ever been. There are girls who are experts at pole fitness and girls who barely touch the pole.As someone who's never had a particularly healthy body image, dancing has helped me accept and appreciate my body for what it can do, rather than just what it looks like.5. Remember that time in eighth grade when you doused yourself in body glitter before a school dance and thought you looked like a shimmery fairy, only to be told by your parents to go wash it off because you might give people the "wrong idea"? The audience often supports these potentially embarrassing incidents with handfuls of ones and cheers of encouragement. Girls who can twerk and shake their asses all day long, and girls whose asses adamantly refuse to wiggle (me).

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