Error updating the password file android samba

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Samba can be configured to authenticate in a few ways.You can't make samba use unix accounts directly, mostly because the way passwords are hashed is different.The file-based methods (tdbsam, smbpasswd) don't really let you run multiple samba servers.In theory you could, but you would need to worry about synchronizing changes to these these files, about concurrent writes, and such.

Need not be much more than "create a table, allow samba to get to it".

You may want to mirror the rules in your firewall just to be sure.

The usable IP host/net styles are: To access a host or share, you need to authenticate for a session.

SMB originally worked on top of a Net BIOS layer, which meant you could run it over IPX, as well as TCP/IP via NBT (Net BIOS over TCP/IP).

These days you want to care only about TCP/IP (and forget as much of Net BIOS as you can).

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