Does windows vista require updating

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And you will have to ensure that you have drivers for all of the hardware devices on the system, though Vista and Windows Update do a better job than ever of automatically finding the drivers you need.

(You should have previously run the Update Advisor prior to this process if possible.

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If you do run into problems while installing Vista, one tack to take is to remove any unnecessary hardware devices from the PC and then try reinstalling: Oftentimes, Setup can fail because of an errant hardware device. Some PCs require you to manually select the boot order from within the BIOS or offer a way to temporarily set the boot device each time the system boots.

As is always the case, if you run into any clean install issues that are not covered by this guide, drop me a note, as I'd like to keep it as up-to-date and comprehensive as is possible. Here's what you should do before even attempting to clean-install Windows Vista. Make sure you've got a new or used PC that meets Microsoft's minimum hardware requirements for Vista (or, better yet, my own recommendations as outlined in part 1 of this series). You will need a retail version of the Windows Vista "Full" installation CD.

(Upgrade versions will not work for the purposes of this guide.

It doesn't matter: During a clean install, you will wipe out the contents of that hard drive, if there are any, in order to create a new and pristine installation of Windows Vista.

When the clean install process is complete, the PC will boot only into Windows Vista, and will not offer choices for multi-booting into other operating systems.

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