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Though rightly famous for his creamware, which was lightweight and seemed to shine thanks to its luminous glaze, Wedgwood also developed a line of unglazed black stoneware known as the basaltes.

Some sported precise basketweave reliefs on their exteriors — these are highly sought by collectors.

Charlotte was not the only monarch to choose Wedgwood.

Some of the pieces illustrated are available for sale from our website. Two subjects remained popular throughout the entire period - lions and dogs. All manner of pieces are available to fit with mountain or country themes.

Other pictures are taken from Madelena's research archive. A multitude of unknown small manufacturers produced most of the Staffordshire figures we see today. Birds farm animals hunters horse riders Or maybe Victorian, or Kent; or they may choose to collect only portrait figures, or royalty, or theatrical, or religious; or particular animals e.g. They are a constant reminder of your own impeccable taste.

Exactly why Staffordshire figures appeal to SO many people. Types All sorts of figures “ how can they be grouped? Staffordshire figures are earthenware figures made in England, mainly in the county of Staffordshire, but also in other counties and in Scotland.

History Time Line Key events and dates of the Staffordshire Figures era.

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