Dating someone who works on a cruise ship

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That's why time together is pretty much spent in respective cabins -- or in front of co-workers.

And as a result there's generally no shortage of commentary -- pro or con -- from fellow crewmembers who get to watch your relationship play out.

One night, a Jamaican singer found out that his secret affair with an American singer was not so secret when her Italian band member boyfriend broke down the cabin door and beat him up.

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A Canadian co-worker once threw away the work clothes of a Honduran woman because the Honduran was developing a close rapport with my co-worker's Polish boyfriend.

There will always be onboard affairs -- from the Captain's quarters on down -- deck by deck, department by department.

The constant day-in and day-out life onboard is a veritable melting pot.

An English male singer was with an American hostess, one Australian telephone operator was substituting for the wife of the Greek chief electrician and the other English operator was engaged to a Greek steward.

Romantic interludes, whether temporary or long-term, run rampant on cruise ships.

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