Dating someone in a biker gang

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Try befriending a couple of guys by offering to buy them beer.They will probably think you’re a cop or something, and they will be harsh to you.You will probably need to get a few items of clothing and gear too.Not that it’s the most important thing, but you don’t want to look silly on your sweet, mean ride in golf pants and a plaid shirt or something. Real bikers most likely don’t hang in your favorite downtown fancy bar. Bikers rarely hang in places other people also frequent.As much as the biker life may seem secluded and solitary to an outsider, the truth of the matter is that bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are a social breed.As a group, bikers enjoy gathering together at motorcycle related events where they share true camaraderie and promote friendship, having a good time and giving to those in need.

And then, after you fell off it for like ten times and after you learned from your own experience how important it is to wear a helmet, and after you fixed that old ride with your own hands, only then look into getting a proper, real chopper.

The only thing better than being at a biker event with other bikers is being there with that special someone who shares the same enthusiasm about motorcycles and the biker lifestyle as you do.

Someone that truly understands the real you, the biker you, the motorcycle enthusiast you, the itching to be on the open road and be free you.

If you really feel those rides, then you probably have what it takes to become a true biker.

Of course, riding with your gang is just as satisfying, maybe even more so, because the biker culture is not a culture of isolated men, lone wolves.

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