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The minute a Slovenian guy steps into his home, he will strip down and change into his “home” attire.Which include sport shorts, and one of those random free T-shirt they give you.Aside from the fact that they love the outdoors, they love feeling of living on the edge.Which is ironical because Slovenians are one of the most calm, and chill people I know.I would say that in general Slovenians like to dress in more casual clothes.

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And remembering the small things you like, and don’t like. And I am in love with one, so I am really biased, and I could go on and on.

If you are not used to hiking or camping, or anything related to nature, prepare to be thrown out of your comfort zone.

Slovenians LOVE hiking, and they have been doing it for most of their lives.

Sunday lunch is sacred and they will never get enough of it, period.). M and I had already been talking everyday for one month when he already told his friends that I was his girlfriend.

I guess if the circumstances would have been more “normal” it wouldn’t have taken me by surprise.

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