Dating parents special needs children

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"I don't care what you've read in a magazine or what your cousin's hairdresser told you.Unless you're living in my house, observing my child 24 hours a day, consulting the specialists we consult, doing the research we've been forced to do, you have no idea what you're talking about," says Terri Mauro, guide to Children with Special Needs and mother of two kids with special needs.It took our family three years to get a complete picture on my son's wellbeing." As Mauro points out, "I need to guard my child's privacy; there are appropriate places and reasons to talk about his special needs, but 'in public' and 'because you're curious' are not among them." A better approach: Highlight the positives. Offers an interactive co-parenting class called Children Caught in the Middle that focuses on children growing up between two homes and how to foster healthy co-parenting relationships.Jewish Family Service Dallas 972/437-9950 or 972/437-1988 Offers various services for children with special needs, including a Support Group for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum.So, the kids are all right but how’s your marriage doing?Joni Eareckson Tada, disabilities advocate and founder of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, suggests trying: "You have a group of friends—me included—who aren't going to let you go through this alone. As Vanek explains, "How am I supposed to answer that that? They shouldn't have to defend that love." So offer to listen, but don't try to solve what you deem to be a problem."Most families embrace their child and find meaning in their relationship and experience.

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Different services include consultations, behavioral therapy, language therapy, occupational therapy, social groups, transition therapy and parent support groups.An offer to help your friend find a support group for parents of special needs children can be helpful as well, Ehlert says, so long as your pal seems receptive to the idea.7."Have you tried..." Though you may be trying to help or show your friend you've taken an interest in the subject, suggesting treatments or medications can offend.Tada suggests saying something like, "Any disability is a scary thing, but I want to work alongside you to find the best resources available."8."Kids aren't really autistic––they just need discipline." "Autistic kids can't control their emotions as well as others, and children with sensory disorders sometimes have big reactions to small changes or sounds," says Vanek.

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