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US Weekly claims that Swift ended things because she felt Hiddleston was using her for publicity.

The final straw, apparently, is that Swift didn’t want to accompany Hiddleston on the red carpet at the Emmys, where he’s been nominated for his performance in The Night Manager.

Still, Cloak’s functionality and success (it has already been downloaded 300,000 times) depends on the incessant sharing culture of traditional social media, so is it really antisocial at all? Split TIME writer Laura Stampler says apps like Split are “making you a worse person,” but nonetheless, that’s not stunting their popularity.

The Split app lets you choose your least-desirable Facebook friends and categorize them in lists so that the app will beep a warning when one is getting close.

er relationship with Twilight actor Taylor Lautner featured in Back to December on the album Speak Now, and an affair with the singer John Mayer is revealed through a song with the ingeniously disguised title of Dear John.

The actor Jake Gyllenhaal, with whom Swift shared very public romantic walks and a family Thanksgiving dinner, is rumoured to be the subject of several songs including her hit single We Are Never Getting Back Together.

Of course, Cloak only works to your advantage if the person you’re trying to avoid actively reports his whereabouts on social media, but everyone has someone they’d prefer not to make horribly uncomfortable small talk with.

Slowly, Anomo users can reveal bits of information about themselves, including hobbies, jobs, photos and, of course, their real names.

The app “allows you to reveal different pieces of yourself as you get comfortable with someone that you met,” which is, as Policy Mic’s Oliver Osborne wrote, a “more realistic depiction of how people build relationships in the real world.” 2.

Anti-Social This one is not quite an app, but it’s too useful to not mention.

For those most serious about eliminating distractions and social media, the Anti-Social plug-in may be the answer.

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