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I know I could delete the original flexed track, or keep it in case I think I might need it.But, sometimes I just want to fix something and leave everything where it is.- Bounce Regions in Place doesn't commit the flex edits as Christian says.- Bounce "Track" in Place makes another track and mutes out the track leaving an extra track to hide that retains the original flex edits if you need to go back.That' just me though., simply, merged a flexed, after reading through this "thread", I'm wondering if I'm ok (in this instance), or should I go back to a previous "project backup" (before I merged), and bounce the track instead.

Naming the base file “[the name of your song]” will help to organize the exported files by grouping them by your song’s title.

Ensure “Split Mixer Tracks” selected, and export as wav or aif files. Select “Export Multiple” from the File pull-down menu. Set Export Format to WAV, Split files based on Tracks, and Name files Using Label/Track Name.

Doing some flex audio on a track and I am not sure at the best way to commit this to the audio file.(1) Bounce in Place the track? (3) Other that I don't know about - I haven't found a commit or flatten button anywhere and it's not really listed in the manual either. I thought I had read somewhere in the forum at one time that Bounce in Place wasn't retaining all of the flextime edits, but I could be wrong. Thanks Christian - I guess I am just looking for the best way to commit the flex audio.

Alternatively, you could select “Consolidate Selection” from the Edit pull-down menu. To export these new files, highlight them all to select them, and press Command Shift “K”. Note that this will create new files, which can be retrieved from the Audio Files folder.

Alternatively, you could select “Export Selected as Files” from the Audio Regions List pull-down menu. Once all clips have been consolidated, click File Audio 5. Just sort the files by Date Created so that they are grouped together.

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