Configure automatic updating group policy settings

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I suspect that it is due to the ability for a WSUS v3 server to act as a parent to a WSUS v2 server during a migration of WSUS.

That being the case, you need to deploy you target group naming strategy in a way to avoid need two target groups with the same name…

I also believe that even if you have bought and implemented System Center Configuration Manager in your environment then you are probably still better off using WSUS for manage you updates for your Microsoft software.

Now also take a look at the “Keep the GPO’s name consistent with the OU names” section in my Best Practice: Group Policy Design Guidelines – Part 2 post you can see how the WSUS Target Groups are also very consistent (but not the same) as the OU’s that the computer are located.WSUS is also a requirement for the Software Update option in SCCM 2007.What I hope this post will teach you is how to use Group Policy in your environment to milk the absolute most out of your existing WSUS infrastructure.Generally I recommend in most environments these are the only top three WSUS groups you will need.I will go into more detail on this further on in the “Top level Patch Approval Groups” section but for now just ignore the server and terminal server target groups…

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