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Over your career you've made more than 70 films, both features and documentaries. Recently I must say I have almost exclusively seen feature films and feature films of the 1950s.But it shifts, fascinations are shifting and I keep myself open. Hardly any of them but I try to see what young people nowadays are watching.Wysaski listed her logic as "They are lousy sky wizards and fail to obey the laws of gravity."The posters have since been removed from where Wysaski hung them on the shelter's door (without permission, as surprise is part of his shtick).Shelter Executive Director Christy Keefe says the effort was appreciated, but it didn't translate to adoptions -- though the posters have garnered more than 300,000 views online."Since the post has gone viral we have had one person who came into the rescue who had seen the post who wanted to visit some cats, and one online donation for by someone who thought it was funny," Keefe said.Comedian Jeff Wysaski has entertained the internet for years by leaving humorous signs and other items in plain view, rewarding sharp-eyed readers.(Check out his Obvious Plant Facebook and Instagram accounts for more projects.)Last week, Wysaski turned his talents to creating funny profiles for cats up for adoption at his local animal shelter, the Sante D'Or Foundation in Los Angeles.Taking the cat photos, names and likes from the shelter's site, he created dating-service-style profiles giving the cats human dislikes, with a comedic touch.While the cats' "likes" included normal feline favorites, such as "sleeping in a sunbeam" or "taking naps," the dislikes really cat-apulted the signs to success.

Destress and take a look at these mischievous creatures.

And there are just as many legendary stories tied to the director from his decades of filmmaking, from the time he boiled and ate a shoe to the time his was shot on live TV.

Now, Herzog will share his unique view on filmmaking through Master Class, an online course made up of 20 video lessons (over five hours) that cover various parts of the movie-making process including storytelling, cinematography, locations, self-financing and more.

Fear is somehow foreign to me, it’s not in my dictionary and as a filmmaker you have to learn how to be fearless and not stupidly fearless.

You have to be prudent but you have to have courage.

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