Can christians dating muslims

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That he was sent by God (who was at the same time "fully" Jesus) in order to die on the cross and save all mankind from the sin of Adam.

Without this sacrifice all of humanity was destined to perish in the sin of Adam. Originally expected to happen during the lifetime of the first disciples, many predictions have been made later and he is still expected at any moment.

However, to say that God is three is a blasphemy of the highest order.

A chaste and pious human woman who was chosen, purified, and preferred over all of the women of creation to be the one to give birth to Gods elect messenger Jesus through the command of God without any father whatsoever.

Only baptism and faith in the death of Jesus can save one from this destiny. Humanity is created by God destined for heaven unless they chose to disobey Him and refuse His mercy.

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No Arab to this day has ever been able to meet it's challenge to "write a work similar to it." It shall remain safe from the tampering of mankind till the day of Judgment as a guidance for all Humanity.

These beliefs include: Muslims are taught that throughout the ages, God sent messengers to all tribes and nations all over the earth beginning with Adam (pbuh), the first prophet of God as well as the father of humanity.

Every time a messenger of God would pass away, his people would begin to fall back on their evil deeds until a few generations later they would have managed to have completely corrupted His original message to them. However, the message would always be available for those who wanted it.

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